Matt Vasgersian of the MLB Network apologized a few weeks ago for a dud bit he tried over pictures of Colorado Rockies rightfielder Brad Hawpe being taken off the field after he was hit in the back of the neck with a pitch.

Vasgersian had his replay team wind the tape back and then noted that a member of the Rockies' EMT staff resembled Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. Bad timing. Weak joke.

Vasgersian, the former television voice of the Milwaukee Brewers , told the Business of Sports Network that he knew his comment was not good as soon as he said it.

"I offered up my take on it as soon as we got off the air," Vasgersian said. The producers usually pop out of the control room right at the end of a three-hour chunk, and you do that kind of immediate face-to-face, 'Hey great show. Hey bad show. This went well and this went great.' As soon as we convened after that show I said, 'You guys, I screwed you there by having you roll back that tape,' I apologized to them first because they were unwittingly complicit in my failed joke. So I let them know that I made the mistake and I wasn't pleased.

"I knew I was going to get a lot of grief for that, as I deserved."

Feherty lands OB

Meanwhile, another broadcaster apologized last weekend for something he wrote in a magazine, not something he said on air.

CBS-TV's David Feherty, the Irish golf analyst, was one of five Dallas residents who was asked by D Magazine in Dallas to write about former President George W. Bush coming to live in Dallas.

Near the end of his piece, Feherty wrote: "Despite how the (Iraq) conflict has been portrayed by our glorious media, if you gave any U.S. soldier a gun with two bullets in it, and he found himself in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Osama bin Laden, there's a good chance that Nancy Pelosi would get shot twice, and Harry Reid and bin Laden would be strangled to death."

Feherty apologized to Pelosi, the speaker of the House, and Reid, the Senate majority leader, calling what he wrote a "morbid joke that went bad."

Feherty said: "This passage was a metaphor meant to describe how American troops felt about our 43rd president. In retrospect, it was inappropriate and unacceptable, and has clearly insulted Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid, and for that, I apologize."

Both CBS Sports and the PGA Tour distanced themselves from Feherty's comments.

In a statement, CBS Sports called his comments an "unacceptable attempt at humor" and noted that Feherty made them in a magazine (hence not on CBS air).

The PGA Tour in a statement said Feherty's "attempt at humor in this instance went over the line, and his comments were clearly inappropriate."

Without question, if Feherty had said this on any air, he'd have been fired by CBS before he got to the end of the sentence.

But since he wrote his comments in a magazine not associated with CBS and since he works on behalf of the veterans of the Iraq war, it makes it harder to believe he will be fired.

His comments seem way out of place with his television persona, which is jaunty, affable and completely apolitical.

If Feherty has banked a lot of good will, built up strong support and admiration over the years from Sean McManus, the president of CBS Sports and CBS News, he will keep his job despite strong public reaction.

You imagine he will be suspended for a time by CBS.

Feherty didn't embarrass his network or golf as much as he embarrassed himself, comedy and the tradition of Irish wit.

Hit TV series

The record shows that when the Brewers play the Chicago Cubs, viewers around here show up in force in front of their television sets.

The three-game series last weekend was no exception.

The Brewers -Cubs game Saturday night on Fox Sports Wisconsin was the highest-rated Brewers telecast this season, with an 11.6 rating, or 105,020 households.

The game Friday night had a 9.8 rating, or 88,724 households, and the Sunday afternoon telecast had an 8.3, or 75,144 households. Both those games aired on FS Wisconsin.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup race Saturday night at Darlington, S.C., on WITI-TV (Channel 6) had a local rating of 4.3, or 38,930 households. The last round of The Players golf tournament Sunday on WTMJ-TV (Channel 4) had a 4.2, or 38,024 households.


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